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Ah finally something that isn’t the “worst game” award =P

That’s the third “worst game” award I got.

3. What was your first Rune Factory game?

Rune Factory 1.

It’s kinda hard to play RF1 again, since the games after it have made many improvements =P

I got Game Dev Story and named my company Big Fat Foomy

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2. What is your favorite Rune Factory game and why? Which is your least favorite?

Least favourite:

Rune Factory 1, simply because all the games after it have improved a lot. Though of the portable games, I like RF1’s dungeons better than RF2 and RF3’s. Oh and RF1’s aftermarriage system wasn’t fun so I made Raguna stay single =P

Most favourite:
With RF4 out, I have no idea anymore =P Tied between Tides of Destiny, Frontier and RF4? Or RF4 a little bit more than Tides and Frontier? I think I’ll wait until I’ve finished RF4’s mainstory and get married/get a child until I know for sure =P Before I played RF4, it was a tie between Frontier and Tides.

Tides has better mainstory, introduced the dating system (as in a period before marriage where you and bachelor(ette) actually acknowledge eachother as boyfriend and girlfriend) and has better controls and other game mechanics, but overall Frontier has better stuff outside the mainstory. Like IMO Frontier has better festivals, Frontier’s farming system has more freedom than Tides’, Frontier has better aftermarriage, Frontier lets you marry anytime you want (for most bachelorettes) while Tides forces you to wait until you finish the mainstory. And Frontier has Gelwein who is my fave RF character =P

But RF2 still has my favourite overall cast. I also like RF2’s dungeons better than RF3, but RF3 has Sharance Maze and improved game mechanics and more events. RF2 has Kyle who is my favourite of the main characters =P  (Sorry Aden =P)

Eh… storywise I think I like RF4 the most, though I haven’t finished it yet. RF4 reintroduces the Zzyzx  Sechs Empire in the main storyline and brings back a villain that only showed his face for a few minutes in RF1.

(there’s a lot to do in RF4, currently trying to let the monsters take care of the farm so I can gather materials for better equipment and gain levels, so I can make some storyline progress =P I got 1-hit KO’ed by a boss in Rune Prana last time.)

*finds 30 day RF challenge*

1. What brought you into this series? How did you discover it?

Been interested in Rune Factory since the first game was announced.

One day in 1999 my dad came home with Harvest Moon GBC, which I played a lot back then. Some years later I discovered Friends of Mineral Town and then was into Harvest Moon AWL when Rune Factory 1 was announced for Japan. I like RPGs as well.

But the thing that made me follow all the Rune Factory news back then was Neverland Company’s involvement =P

So in short: I liked the idea of Harvest Moon + RPG elements + developed by Neverland



Chaos Rings II

"You now find yourself at the other end of my sword."
 - Zacharias Barnham 

zabekis replied to your photoset “How does Lufia’s worldmap work… and where to put Estoland =P There’s…”

I decided that Estoland was basically south-east land.

Shoo! You destroyed Estoland! (unless Ryan is a liar)

24-8-2011 ~ 11-4-2014

This drawing of Daos as a clown is a remake of a childhood drawing =P

This drawing of Daos as a clown is a remake of a childhood drawing =P

All pages filled!
I redrew the first drawing that I did in this book.

All pages filled!
I redrew the first drawing that I did in this book.