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10. What is your least favorite weapon type in the game?

Already said this in the answer to the previous question. Hammers/axes for the portable games

11. What is your favorite non-combat item (tools, accessories, food items ect etc)?

Hmmm. I think the proposal items. It’s funny to give them to non-bachelor(ette) characters and see their reactions =P

9. What is your favorite weapon type in the game (Short Sword, Long Sword, Staffs) [you can also put your all time favorite weapon if you have one, like the Invisiblade ect]

Depends on the game but in general I like spears, and dislike hammers/axes for the portable games (but I don’t mind hammers/axes in the console games) Also like dual blades in the games that have them.

In RF2 and RF4 I used magic/staves more than usual.

In Tides of Destiny I usually carry that guitar weapon in my inventory, just because of the sound the weapon makes when you swing it =P Don’t really use it in battle because I have better weapons.

Since it’s easter, I made a easter bunny costume for my Lufia plushies.

(it was actually going to be a full costume for Maxim when I started but…
I cut off the legs because Maxim’s feet wouldn’t fit. The sleeves did fit but only when I sew them together while he wears it which would mean he’d be permanently stucked in a easter bunny costume =P
Obviously I didn’t want that so I ended up cutting the sleeves too. )

Next time I’d better make oversized clothes so they fit AND I can remove them

8. Who is your favorite/least favorite non-bachelor/ette NPC?


Easy question =P

Least favourite: No idea. But some of the doctor characters can be annoying. like:

Raguna: Heeeeelp I’m paralyzed and sealed and don’t have any medicines! *slowly walks to clinic*

*clinic just closed*
Edward: I don’t care how much in trouble you are, but the clinic is closed now! Byebye!


Micah: *faints*
Marjorie: That’ll be 43895734588766599911234555522222222222277549999999 gold!

(^same with RF4 doctors but at least they give you couple discount)

Started a Chaos Seed playthrough!

You can find the English patch for Chaos Seed here!: http://www.dynamic-designs.us/chaosseed.shtml

6. Who is your number one bachelor/ette in the series?

Aden. I like his 9/10 LP events and I like Sonja and Aden’s interactions through the game.

7. Which bachelor/ette did you pick in each game of the series?

Rune Factory 1: Nobody because the aftermarriage is dumb (robotwife stays at home and repeats lines, baby appears out of nowhere and you can’t even name him, and if I remember correctly Raguna can go on a date with anyone BUT his wife during festivals)

Would have married Rosetta =P

Rune Factory 2: Rosalind.

Actually I like Dorothy better, but decided to marry Rosalind instead.

(Rosalind has more dialogue after the wedding, I like Barrett x Dorothy, and Max as uncle is awesome)

Frontier: Iris Noire

Rune Factory 3: Raven (Carmen in Japanese rom playthrough)

Tides of Destiny:

Rune Factory 4:

Not married yet, but it’s going to be Vishnal.

Originally planned on marrying Dylas when the EU version comes out but… it was canceled.Eh… I guess my NA 3DS isn’t going to become useless after all =P

(I thought I wouldn’t use it much after the EU version of RF4 would come out)

Lufia magazine ads

Lufia magazine ads

4. What is your favorite dungeon in the series and why?

Whale Island and Sharance Maze come to mind.

Whale Island because it’s a pretty big dungeon you can explore through the game if you want to. And you can grow plants from whatever season there. And it’s Iris’ home.

Sharance Maze keeps you busy for a while and you can fight bosses from RF1 and RF2 there.

5. What is your favorite theme/piece of music in the series?

Ehhh what to choose =P Here are some of my favourites I remember right now: Blessia Island, Wind Shrine, Leon Karnak, Misty Bloom, Goblin Pirate, RF2 Summer, ToD Summer, Fenith Island, RFF Opening, RF4 Opening, Song of Trust, RF2 Sad theme, haunted house dungeon, ToD Love, Trampoli, Kross’ theme and blablablabla

Also the battle and dungeon themes in general =P

Ah finally something that isn’t the “worst game” award =P

That’s the third “worst game” award I got.